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city scale high definition maps

cm-level localization systems

for self-driving vehicles


Mission of Precivision 

Provide city-scale, small sized, and high quality lane graph maps, point cloud maps and localization prior maps

Provide cm-level, multi-sensor fusion based, highly robust and fast responding localization services

Provide plug and play HD maps and localization integration solutions for autonomous driving platform (ROS, Apollo, Autoware, etc.)

Precivision HD Map Build

- HD maps for self driving vehicles

    - Lane Graph Maps

    - Point Cloud Maps

    - Localization Prior Maps

- Traits of our maps

    - High precision 

    - City scale 

    - Small sized (Kilobytes per mile for Localization Prior Map)

    - Fast build 

* Lane graph map for a typical crossing

* Point cloud map from a bird view


* Point cloud map from a bird view

* Real time high precision 6 degrees of freedom vehicle pose estimated from Precivision Localization module projects HD map (lane boundaries, road markers and traffic light bounding boxes) to camera view.

Precivision Enables Autonomous Driving

Precivision HD Map and Localization + Autonomy Software

(Baidu Apollo, Autoware, etc.) = Self Driving

Precivision Localization Services

    - Centimeter level precision

    - Real-time.

    - Robust to Hours of GPS outage

    - Multi-sensor fusion 


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